THANKS FOR STOPPING BY.  We hope that our website will give you an overview of what you will experience when you visit Cane Garden Bay Baptist Church. Do take  and a quick look at what we have to offer.  We also invite you to visit our site often.  Every week, you will find updates to our Video Messages and Online Sermons (Coming Soon).  Monthly, you will find updates to pages such as our Home page, Current Events, Event Calendar, and Current Message Series.

As you view our site, it is our prayer, above all else, that you see only God. We hope that you understand that we are a church where you can be made whole and experience God, through the love and support of our members.  We are saved by God’s amazing grace, we are not a perfect church or a perfect people, but we strive to live our lives to a high standard.  At our church, you will not be just another member, but your will be part of someone some thing great.

As you learn more about our church, please note that it is through our faith and commitment in God we gain renewed strength to overcome with life’s daily challenges. Our belief gives us hope, it restores, heals, delivers and forgives. Our belief lets us know allows us that we are truly special in the eyes of God. Therefore,  iIf at any moment while viewing our site you want to know more about how you too can experience this same, contact us: